Discover The Hidden Levels of Pure Essential Oils
And How They Help Transform Your
Energy, Abundance And Health

"If you love Essential Oils and you want to learn more about their hidden powers to help you manifest abundance, inner peace and better health, you'll love Ener-Chi.I love how it combines an in-depth Essential Oils course with a powerful "Oil Discovery Guide" that helps you find the oils that match your specific needs.

From beginner to advanced users, Ener-Chi will give you insights into the oils that will amaze you" I also love how it's FDA Compliant. Our highest recommendation!"

- Ben and Carol Howden, Canada

Ben and Carol Howden
Young Living
Royal Crown Diamonds

You've probably heard about the healing power of Essential Oils - and the many ways they can help you...

If you haven't yet heard, they are the single most powerful tool we can use for our health, our Chi (energy) and our well being. There are at least 50 different kinds of Essential Oils - and well over a hundred blends. So many that it can be dizzying to figure out which ones are best for you.

How do you find the right ones for your unique needs?

...and how do you use them?

(not just topically, aromatically or diffusion - but the specific points on the body to clear blockages and open up your Chi energy)

Ener-Chi is the answer...

A New Breakthrough in Radiant
Health and Abundance

When I first began to learn about Essential Oils, I was overwhelmed. Too many oils to choose from, and not knowing which specific oil was best for how I was feeling. I knew their healing powers, but it was frustrating because it took hours (and even longer) to find the right oils every time I had an obstacle or challenge.

Now there's a solution - and it's designed to help you find the exact match of Essential Oils that are right for you and clear literally any challenge or problem you may face. (with specific directions on how to use them.)

It's called Ener-Chi - and it's based on two age old traditions:

1) The healing power of Essential Oils

2) The rejuvenating energy of Chi (the core of ancient Chinese energy healing).

Why is Chi so important? Chi essentially means energy or life force.

Essential Oils are by nature filled with Chi and are therefore powerful tools in clearing the mind and body of what are called "Chi blocks" (stuck Chi - also known as Chi stagnation - learn more below)

The Healing Power of Chi

Chi is the Chinese word for energy.

It is the source of energy, health, vibrancy and all things (visible and invisible). When you're connected to your Chi essence and you know how to balance your Chi, you feel strong, connected and peaceful.

When your Chi is in balance and flows naturally, your mind and body work in harmony. Stress dissolves. Peace becomes your natural state of being.

The Chinese Character for Chi

If you've ever practiced QiGong, Tai Chi, Yoga or other forms of energy movements you're aware that there are deeper levels of energy within us that exist. You can't see them, but you can feel them. And if you've never felt them before, you're about to experience something that will simply delight you beyond imagination.

Because when you experience the Chi of pure Essential Oils, your energy system literally transforms in seconds because pure Essential Oils bypass the "emotional brain" (the gatekeeper part of your brain that stores limiting beliefs and memories) as they clear the energy pathways and cells throughout your mind and body.

The Chi Point Breakthrough

Here's one of the key breakthroughs of the Ener-Chi program. There are unique "Chi Points" on your body that when used with pure Essential Oils help open up stuck energy (stagnant Chi), trapped emotions and limiting beliefs.

This stagnant Chi is the cause of literally any problem or issue you experience.

The Ener-Chi program teaches you these specific Chi Points and how to use the right Essential Oils for you (your body responds better when the right oil is used).

Pure Essential Oils carry an incredibly high level of healing power (Chi). The Ener-Chi program teaches you how to focus this Chi within the oils on the Chi Points that clear and transform problems into pure energy and peace within your mind and body. In other words, your energy flows normally and in balance.

This balanced Chi translates to more energy, clarity and a deep sense of inner peace. Your creativity blossoms. You feel more alive. Problems dissolve with no apparent effort. Your abundance increases with ease.

Life just flows...

The Chi in pure Essential Oils is the new frontier of healing, peak performance, consciousness and spiritual evolution.

How To Find Your Personal Healing And Abundance Formula

One of the coolest parts of the Ener-Chi program is called the Abundance Module. With this unique module - you'll learn the specific Essential Oils to use that boost your prosperity and abundance by clearing what are known as "Chi blocks". These "Chi blocks" prevent the balanced flow of thoughts, feelings and emotions around money, career, and finances in your life.

When you clear these Chi blocks, abundance flows naturally in your life. What were once struggles or limitations become new sources of energy, learning, prosperity, and new connections that will amaze you.

There are specific oils that clear these Chi blocks and you'll learn which ones are best for you and exactly how to use them to open up and energize your abundance. You can use this Abundance Formula anytime you need to boost your energy and clarity in your finances, career, and any area that you want more abundance.

(Yes - even in relationships - that's an area of abundance that most people don't think of, but Chi blocks occur frequently (and are easy to clear).

Imagine every time you want to manifest something you really want - and suddenly you remember to use the Abundance Formula with your special abundance oil. In just moments, you feel more grounded and peaceful. It's as if the veil has been lifted and your mind is sharp as a tack. Decisions flow smoothly. Creativity and intuition become second nature. Abundance becomes your natural state of being.

3 Simple Steps To Get Clear and Stay Clear

The Ener-Chi Program makes it incredibly simple to clear any issue or problem that stops you from creating the results you want and feeling a deep inner sense of peace.

Step 1 -

Discover the specific oil for your issue or challenge
Step 2 - Clear the emotions, memories, and stuck energy of literally any issue you face
Step 3 - Feel the joy and inner peace that is naturally you

Here's some of the ways the Ener-Chi program can help you:

Increase (and balance) your Chi so that you feel more energy, strengthen your immune system, and look and feel younger (and feel the deep inner connection to the Divine)
Helps you find the exact Essential Oil for the specific mood and emotion (with a very simple to use Clearing Process that's amazingly effective)
Discover the real cause of literally any issue you face (whether it be money, health, love, or any part of your life where you feel "stuck" energy) AND how to clear it from the roots using the specific oil that matches the energy issue you face
How to find a deeper level of inner peace than you've ever experienced before by tapping into the universal Qi (energy) of your Heart
How to clear stuck energy, unresolved emotions, feelings, body pain and literally any other life challenge you face
Why Essential Oils have far more healing power than herbs and why many acupuncturists and healers have switched from using herbs to Essential Oils (and their clients heal faster and the effects last longer)
Balance your body's meridian systems and vital organs (when you have this balance, stress never builds up, and your body becomes revitalized and filled with Qi)
Develop the power of your Heart and Mind working together (when you feel the Qi of pure Essential Oils, your resolve and clarity will increase with ease. The Heart becomes the key that steers the healing energy of Qi throughout your entire body.)
The 5 most powerful oils that amplify (potentiate) any given oil (and how to use a new Clearing Process to eliminate pain, old emotions, and stuck energy in just minutes)
Simplifies your selection of over 100 different Essential Oils because Ener-Chi helps match the specific oil to the mood and emotion you're feeling (once you've discovered the right oil for your exact emotion, clearing that emotion (and the underlying cause) is simple

Learn the secrets of harmonious Chi and how balancing your Chi is the most important thing you can do (once you experience the Clearing Process in the Ener-Chi program, you will be amazed)

Experience the abundance within you (the special Abundance module will delight you with how simple it really is to clear anything that blocks the flow of abundance in your life so you can manifest your dreams and goals with ease)
Clear brain fog, uncertainty and doubt - in just minutes - no matter where you are (your office, school, home or any activity)
Discover the joy of living in the present moment and how good it actually feels to experience the "Now" (Essential Oils can have a profound impact on your ability to be present and feel peaceful - but you have to know the right oils to use first)
Clear anxiety, frustration or worry in minutes (the key is finding the right oil for how you feel and then the Clearing Process does the work for you so you feel clear, peaceful and relaxed
Discover why the ancients used Essential Oils to expand their consciousness and connection to God, Earth and the Infinite (you'll learn why the most advanced beings used the oils to expand and strengthen their spiritual and mental powers)
Learn the specific points on the body to clear blockages (and open up your Chi energy)
  ...and much more

Ener-Chi Works On ALL Devices

PC, Tablet, and Smartphone - Ener-Chi works on every device you use that has a browser with internet access - and you don't need to install any software or worry about any updates. No worries about losing your information or access to the Ener-Chi program.

What this means is whenever you need to find a specific oil for any problem that pops up, you'll have instant access to Ener-Chi to find the answer. No more worrying about whether its an App that only works on your smartphone or tablet.


You get free updates to the Ener-Chi program automatically the moment they're announced.

"If you love Essential Oils and you want to learn more about their hidden powers to help you manifest abundance, inner peace and better health, you'll love Ener-Chi.I love how it combines an in-depth Essential Oils course with a powerful "Oil Discovery Guide" that helps you find the oils that match your specific needs.

From beginner to advanced users, Ener-Chi will give you insights into the oils that will amaze you" I also love how it's FDA Compliant. Our highest recommendation!"

- Ben and Carol Howden, Canada

Ben and Carol Howden
Young Living
Royal Crown Diamonds

"I found EnerChi to be an informative, wide-ranging, effective--even all-encompassing and inspiring approach to well-being and Young Living Essential Oils application.

One of my favorite experiences with the EnerChi program was the "Manifesting Abundance" module, where breath, Chi, imagination, and conscious intent are employed from within to "revise" past experience and transform one toward completion, thus manifesting what is desired. Try it! You'll like it!"

- Greg Hitter

Greg Hitter
Young Living Diamond

"EnerChi is a useful way to connect the Chinese belief of Chi with essential oils. It is a wonderful tool especially for beginners who need help with choosing the "right" oil and where to apply on various parts of the body.

It also has a vast library of training materials which allow me to learn more about Chi & essential oils."

Gretchen King-Ann
Young Living
Royal Crown Diamond

"A triple win! Ener-Chi helps you learn the deeper levels of the oils plus it helps you build your team and it's FDA compliant."

Dr. David Stewart
Young Living Diamond

Here's What You Get With The
New Ener-Chi Program

1) The Ener-Chi Training Course (worth over $97)

This is the core of the Ener-Chi program

There are seven main modules of the Ener-Chi program:
Module I - The Healing Powers of Essential Oils

Module II - The Chi of Essential Oils

Module III - The Deeper Levels of Essential Oils

Module IV - The Secrets of Clearing Oils

Module V - The Heart of the Oils

Module VI - How to use the new Ener-Chi Oil Discovery Guide

Module VII - The Power of Harmonizing Oils

2) The Powerful New Ener-Chi Oil Discovery Guide
(worth over $97)

The new Ener-Chi software guide helps you find the exact oils to fit your specific needs. Not every oil works for every one - and just one oil used the right way can make all the difference in your life. Imagine having your own personal Essential Oils and Chi coach - right there at your side.

...helping you clear unresolved emotions, blocks and anything that stops you from having optimal health and deep inner peace. That's a glimpse of what
Ener-Chi software guide helps you do.

3) The 7 Most Powerful Oils for Manifesting And Abundance

As we talked about earlier, "Chi blocks" (unresolved emotions, limiting beliefs, stressors) can block the normal flow of energy that creates the natural flow of abundance and prosperity in your life.

The Ener-Chi program includes a unique Abundance Module that helps you optimize your manifesting and abundance power and results. Plus it reveals the 7 Most Powerful Oils for Manifesting and Abundance (and why they work to clear prosperity and abundance issues right from the root).

4) Special Interviews with Experts on Essential Oils
    and The Healing Powers of Chi

Dr. David Stewart

Dr. David Stewart
(Author of Healing Oils of The Bible and twelve other books on Essential Oils.)

Dr. Stewart is the leading authority on the healing powers of Essential Oils. He's also an expert on the nature and chemistry of Essential Oils. His

His books have been translated in over 10 languages.

Dr. Roger Jahnke O.M.D

Dr. Roger Jahnke - Roger is a gifted doctor of Oriental medicine as well as Qi Gong Master has studied with the leading Tai Chi and Chi Gong Masters in China.

He's the author of the Healer Within and The Healing Promise of Chi.

Roger demystifies the complex traditions of the old Masters and teaches a simpler approach to radiant health and prevention of disease.

Susan Castle

Susan Castle - The Heart of the Oils

Susan's expertise is helping people access the incredible powers of the Heart and in clearing emotional blocks that are stored in the body as cellular memories.

Susan will share with you her powerful and inspiring journey using healing essential oils and the many benefits she received on her journey back to health.

5) Special Q&A Coaching call with Paul Bauer - Creator of the
Ener-Chi program (worth $49)

* Inside tips on how to use the Ener-Chi program
* How to find the best oils for your personal needs
* How to optimize your energy and clarity
* How to use Clearing Oils to clear and dissolve negative memories and
unresolved emotional blocks

Three Powerful Options To Choose From

Foundation Level

This Level gives you the CORE foundation and understandings of pure Essential Oils. Beyond normal Aromatherapy courses, the Foundation Level helps you begin to discover the energy levels hidden in pure oils. (Note: Retail oils are chemically treated and have lost literally all their healing Chi energy.)

Once you've discovered and experienced these deeper levels (beyond the smell) you'll wonder why someone didn't tell you sooner about them! It's that much of a shift. What stuns me is how few people have been taught about these deeper levels. (Less than 10% of oil users today have experienced these levels.)

I've designed this level to give you the more than just the "basics". It helps you develop your connection with the oils.

Here's some of what you'll learn in the Foundation Level:
  • How to find the best and purest oils made (so you can save time and money on low quality oils)

  • Dissolve stress in just minutes with an oil made specifically for this purpose

  • Get to the root of any physical challenge you face and clear it at the root level once and for all

  • Why pure oils are "intent amplifiers" and how to harness their incredible healing powers

  • How to tap into deeper levels of your mind and Heart (when you use pure oils, there are no limits to your access to this inner realm of genius and wonder)

Bonus 1 - Clearing Emotions with Essential Oils - (Worth $49)
Negative emotions control over 85% of any issues that hold you back and this bonus will help you clear and *prevent* any stuck emotions you ever feel.

Advanced Level

You get everything from the Foundation Level plus:

Bonus 2 - The Healing Chi Of The Oils (Worth $49)
How to move beyond the physical limitations of the old paradigm of Essential Oils. Discover and experience the deeper levels of the oils, new worlds of creativity, radiant health, energy (Chi) and inner peace that will amaze you. The Chi of the Oils gives you an incredible re-connection to your Inner Self and Life itself.

Bonus 3 - The New Heart Field Process - (Worth $79)
This amazing process will help you tap into the wisest part of you - your Heart. This “power center” within you together with pure Essential Oils, gives you access to the Infinite and helps strengthen your Spirit and life force (Chi) energy.

Bonus 4 - The PSM Clearing Method (Worth $79)
(for clearing energetic blocks and stubborn challenges). This process will pay for itself the first time you use it. This bonus helps you clear and purify cellular memory of any issue with ease. Negative cellular memories are the only thing stopping you from having what you want. Once you clear these old memories, your energy will soar and your results will dramatically increase.

Bonus 5 - How to Tap Into the 7 Hidden Levels of the Oils (Worth Over $79)
This single module will give you insights and breakthroughs that will amaze you. Over 90% of all Essential Oil users never learn these deeper levels, but when you do, you will have keys to advanced levels of clarity, insight, abundance and radiance.

Mastery Level

For those wanting to take their skills to an ever higher level, I've created the Mastery Level.

You get everything in the first 2 levels plus:
  • 2 Personal Sessions with Paul Bauer (Worth Over $500)
    Two One-Hour Personal Sessions with Paul to optimize your Health, Energy (Chi) and Business. Paul will create a custom designed daily program that will optimize your energy (Chi) and clarity. You will notice a dramatic shift in your energy levels, confidence and focus.

  • The New Energy Clearing Method (Worth Over $100)
    I've shared this method only with private clients and they rave about the increases in energy and creativity they've experienced.


Includes 7 Core Modules
Of Ener-Chi Program

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Level plus Advanced
Level Bonuses

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Advanced Levels Plus
2 Personal Sessions with Paul

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When you order, you'll have immediate access to the course (and special bonuses.). All Modules of the course are downloadable and available in the Ener-Chi Resource Center.

Order Ener-Chi Now

I'm incredibly excited to share this life-changing course with you and I know that it will give you a new source of energy, inspiration and healing.

Iron Clad, No Questions Asked,
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If the Ener-Chi program doesn't delight you, let me know and we'll promptly issue you a full refund. No questions. No hassles. Just a sincere "Thank you" from us for giving the course a shot.

In fact, it's more than a's a promise.

If you're looking for real breakthroughs in your life and a renewed sense of wonder and deep
connection to your Spirit, Ener-Chi will be a catalyst to whole new levels of transformation
for you in your life!

From my Heart,

Paul Bauer

Expert in Essential Oils and Emotional Clearing
Founder of DreamsAlive

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